Finally, a Country Club Nearer Than Baguio Country Club!

Nov 09, 2015

Many a reasons to joining a country club. In the Philippines, there are about 44 country clubs. One of the oldest is the Baguio Country Club at 110 years of existence. However, there are new country clubs that are gradually making a name for themselves, one of which is the Alviera Country Club.


1) Exquisite and exclusive

Both Baguio Country Club and Alviera Country Club offer the client-members exclusive settings where they can mingle with loved ones and business connections. Country clubs are frequented by the who’s who in the society including aristocrat families and top officials. It is only right that the club is ultra exclusive.

Good thing, Baguio Country Club and Alviera Country Club are member-only clubs, protected from all the unnecessary nuisances.

2) All-encompassing service

Both Baguio CountryClub and Alviera Country Club are a holistic getaway.

Aside from prime accommodations, Baguio Country Club provides members and guests with a banquet experience like no other. In fact, the food at the Club is one of the reasons people keep coming back to Baguio. Other world-class facilities at the Club are a golf course, bowling alley, and masseur and masseuse facilities.

Alviera Country Club, on the other hand, offers members and their guests with a complete dining and entertainment experience from its pools to sports facilities to wellness facilities to estate attraction. The Club is truly a place where everyday moments can be transformed into precious memories.

3) Strategically located

From its name, the Baguio Country Club is situated in the City of Pines while Alviera Country Club is settled in the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. Located just 1 hour away from Manila, Alviera Country Club is a great alternative to Baguio Country Club. There is a big difference herein, and that’s proximity and anything that you can do in between. Remember that lost time will never be found again, and what better way to take control of your life than having the ability to control your time.

Certainly, it would take Manilenos, the urban dwellers, to travel to and fro Manila and Baguio about eight hours unless they will travel by a charter plane. Finally, here is a country club that is nearer than Baguio Country Club. Being located in Porac, Pampanga, one can explore the place after just an hour or two of travel.

Indeed, Baguio Country Club and Alviera Country Club might have some similarities. But there is one thing that separates the two – time. Think of it this way. If you can be in a place that allows you to maximize your time in the most pleasurable way, why not, right?

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