Celebrity Sports Plaza’s Similarity to Alviera Country Club

Feb 09, 2016

Owing to their different locations, you might think that the Celebrity Sports Plaza is entirely different from Alviera Country Club. That there’s no point of comparison whatsoever between the two. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are many ways the country club is the same with the sports plaza. Below is the list of some of their similarities.

Celebrity Sports Plaza
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Celebrity Sports Plaza and Alviera Country Club’s similarities

1. Both clubs cater to families

The sports club envisions itself to be “a happy and secure home for members and their families” while the country club positions itself as “a place for families to gather, bond and come together in harmony.”

Nonetheless, before the sports club targeted families, it mostly catered to athletes and sports buff. In fact, Celebrity Sports Plaza was specifically developed to house a bowling tournament in 1979. For the country club, it houses facilities and amenities that put the needs of families and kids at the center.

2. Both clubs prioritize sports and recreation

Being a sports club, this comes inherently to Celebrity Sports Plaza. In fact, it an Olympic-sized pool with anti-wave lane divisions and diving area, an interactive water playground, a bowling center with sixteen bowling lanes, an indoor basketball court that doubles as a volleyball court, a billiards center with six tables, a darts area with three dart boards, a boxing ring, a table tennis area with four tables, four indoor tennis courts, and four indoor badminton courts. It also has a fitness gym and aerobics and dance area.

Conversely, the sports facilities in Alviera Country Club include those that put communing with nature at the center. Veritably, the country club is equipped with a six-lane lap pool, a lounge pool, an open turf, a multi-sport court (basketball, volleyball, and futsal), badminton courts and tennis courts (indoor and outdoor). All these facilities, except the turf and outdoor court, is enclosed with glass walls so the members can see the view of lush greeneries clearly.

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3. Both clubs emphasize total wellness

As part of its other services, the sports plaza offers a day spa. The health spa provides massage treatments as well as body and facial treatments. Additionally, the spa allows members to immerse themselves in the relaxing waters of its jacuzzi, steam bath, and sauna rooms.

On the other hand, the wellness facilities form part of the core services of the Alviera Country Club. Aside from the wellness spa, other facilities are jacuzzi, steam bath, dance studio, and gym.

4. Both clubs host events

Members of both sports and country clubs are allowed to hold special occasions on the premises. The former houses a grand ballroom that can accommodate up to 500 guests, four ballrooms, function rooms, a lanai overlooking the pool, and the main bar. The plaza had already hosted graduation balls, engagement parties, class reunions, and conferences.

On the contrary, the latter has an event pavilion. The multi-purpose hall is designed to cater to business and social gatherings. It has a grand hall that can house up to 600 guests. This can be divided into two ballrooms to host smaller events and it also includes a pre-function area which overlooks the central courtyard. Apart from this, the country club a boardroom, meeting rooms, another hall and an al fresco cafe.

5. Both clubs include dining facilities

Other than the facilities and amenities already mentioned above, the sports club also houses a restaurant and bar. Aside from these, there’s a convenience store and food stalls within the premises.

In Alviera Country Club, however, carries a selection of restaurants including open kitchens, international restaurants, cafes and al fresco diners. Nevertheless, the country club also covers a suite of entertainment facilities that the members can enjoy before or after dining. Among these facilities are a game and arcade room, theater rooms and KTV rooms.

6. Both clubs are kid-friendly

Celebrity Sports Plaza is furnished with Jungle Gym. It is like a big playpen that can accommodate kids of all ages. Toys and reading materials are available for the kids to enjoy. A tutoring organization (Kumon) and an enrichment center (ShinedotCom) are also found in the area.

The country club, moreover, has its own Kids’ Zone although it is mostly comprised of pools. These are a kiddie pool and a water park fitted with slides, fountains, slides and splash pods. Then again, there are indoor and outdoor play areas apart from the actual playground.

While the clubs are different when it comes to their propositions, there remains the fact that these exist to provide the best possible means of recreation and relaxation.

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