The very first of its kind in Central Luzon, the Alviera Country Club seeks to create a modern oasis amidst the beautiful sprawling landscape of the Alviera estate in Porac, Pampanga. Built not just in nature but with nature, the club is designed to complement its natural surroundings, bringing fresh, new lifestyle options unlike anything the region has ever seen.

“The way we see it, this is the heart of the development, this is where the community will converge and hold important events. It’s where you’ll get married, celbrate your 50th wedding anniversary, hold birthday parties, and at the same time, it’s also where you’ll spend weekends and family lunches. These are the kinds of experiences that we want people to have at this country club.”

Designed by the renowned Locsin Group of Architects, the Alviera Country Club is rooted in the concept of convergence, where everything is thoughtfully laid out to bring people together. A network of swimming pools, sports facilities, specialty restaurants, and grand event venues all lead to a lush layered courtyard with cooling ponds and breezy outdoor patios. It’s a place where connections are cultivated, relationships are refreshed, and ties only grow stronger. And with its dedication to quality, exceptional service, and awe-inspiring views, the club is set to be the perfect environment for both business and leisure activities.