Relax, Rejuvenate and Other Reasons to Go on a Spa Holiday

Nov 24, 2015

Have you ever heard of a spa holiday? If you haven’t, a spa holiday is a vacation to a resort (or resort-like facilities such as a country club) that mainly offers spa treatments or among its suite of services. A spa holiday is quite expensive, but the benefits it provides the person are immeasurable. Embark on a spa holiday with these reasons in mind.


1) Detoxify

Get rid of the toxins in your body accumulated through months or even years of unhealthy eating. Remove them bad toxins through cleansing the system and regenerating new blood back onto them, processes that also clear the mind and thus relieve stress. All these things are only possible with blocking the hustles and bustles of the city even for a day.

2) De-stress

Relieve stress some more through therapeutic massages and other relaxing activities like yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. Remove muscle tensions through a hydrotherapy for immense relaxation. Sometimes, all it takes is savoring the tranquility of a place to invigorate the senses, an escape that will truly benefit the overall well-being of a person.

3) Invigorate

Be pampered through personalized treatments that not only rejuvenate the mind and body but also restore one’s faith on eating healthily. Spa cuisine is the ultimate organic treat, encouraging the person to continue what he or she had started during the spa holiday. Perhaps, this is the ultimate goal of lingering at the spa – improving health and fitness.

Did you know that taking up a rejuvenating holiday in any spa in Philippines has more medical benefits than you can imagine?
Healthy ageing

Again, during a spa holiday, your skin will receive treatments such as non-abrasive exfoliation and peel as well as cucumber mask that breathe new life into it. Some high-end spas even have in-house skin specialists to guide you in choosing the correct treatments depending on your skin type and tone to come up with the smoothest and softest results possible.

Muscular relief

Through a spa holiday, you may address persistent stiffness of your back muscles. In fact, the majority of the muscle groups in the body can be strained over time. Therapeutic massages loosen the muscles so they’d be flexible again. The therapeutic heat brought by hydrotherapy also allows proper blood circulation at a stable temperature.

Healthier joints

Joints can be strained, too. And a spa holiday will also relax tensed tendons and sored connections. Modern massage techniques can recover both the muscles and the joints from any disorders or injuries. Thus, soaking your entire body in a hot tub will keep the joints moving, restoring and preserving their strength and flexibility in the process.

Better sleep

While at the spa holiday, you will be more relaxed throughout the day, which means you will have better and deeper sleep at night. Treatments and massages, coupled with hydrotherapy can ease your transition into having a deeper sleep that you deserve. When you soak your body on a hot tub for 90 minutes before bedtime, this will trigger the internal thermostat to lower your body’s temperature, inducing you to a good night sleep.

If these reasons are not compelling enough to draw you to book a two-day (or even more) vacation at your local spa, perhaps, you missed the part that spending a day or two at the spa has several medical benefits. Experience it so you can see for yourself what it feels like soaking in a hot tub with essential oils and kafir leaves. You’d love it definitely!

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